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Icona WirelessKUSProduction enterprise name: Beijing Konted Medical Technology Co., Ltd.Registered address:1F,Building 3,No.27 Yongwang Road, Daxing Biological Pharmaceutical Industry Base, Daxing District,Beijing,ChinaProduction address: 1F,Building 3,No.27 Yongwang Road, Daxing Biological Pharmaceutical Industry Base, Daxing District,Beijing,ChinaZip code:102629Tel: 8610-60219113Fax:8610-60219213The first time connection between the probe and the smart terminal device need to be entered the Wifi password.After the first time connection, the device will be connected with the probe’s wifi automatically. Establish a connection between the ultrasound transducer and your IOS or Android device via WIFI. Turn on the ultrasound transducer and turn on the WIFI on your IOS or Android device. Search the list of networks for the SSID with the suffix SL,KC,KL… WIFI: SL-2C GMBIKA012This WIFI’s password is the serial number of the probe, but it is the small letter not capital.When the probe’s WIFI connect with iPad successfully, The probe’s status and software interface is as below: 1) Wifi connection status:if the probe’s serial number showed, connected successfully 2) Patient information management: patient info entry3) Gain: click 10) to increase or reduce the gain;or press up and down arrow button on the probe.4) Depth:just slide the iPad’s screen with your finger;or press menu button on the probe5) Frequency: click 19) to change the frequency6) Dynamic Range: click the hidden menu 5) to adjust the dynamic range of the image7) ENH: click the hidden menu 6) to change the level of ENH.8) Image area:image area 9) Freeze/Live status: to show the status 10) Freeze/Live button: after power on and connect with the probe,it will be showed Freeze status, press this button again, the status will be live11) Gain adjust button12) Movie Playback: Playback after the image is frozen13) Movie Playback: Playback after the image is frozen14) Measurement: distance / area / obstetric measurement(Length, Area, Circumference,GA(CRL,BPD,GS,FL,HC,AC)When measuring, if you need to fine-tune the location of the measuring point, click the measuring point to make it turn green. The following button will appear on the lower right comer. Click the arrow to adjust and confirm by pressing the middle square button.After measuring, press the delete button to delete all the measurement results. If you want to delete a certain measurement, dick on the X number to the right of the result on the result15) Save Image: Save a single image16) Save Image Video: Save entire image video17) Settings: WIFI channel selection in order to avoid congestion18) The second level menu button19) 8 TGC20) Puncture: Draw the puncture line for puncture guidanceThe puncturing function includes two types of in-plane and out-of-plane puncturing. The in-plane puncturing can adjust the angle by the arrow button in the lower right comer of the image. The out-of-plane puncturing can adjust the depth and size of the blood vessel and automatically prompt the blood vessel depth and radius in the lower right comer of the image.21) Comment: Enter a comment on the image22) Image model: B, B/M, color, PW, PDI23) FocusPos: click it to adjust focus 0-324) ENH:image enhancement from 0-425) THI: click it to change THI on/off26) DR: Dynamic range

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