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Warship Fleet Command

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Warship Fleet Command

Icona Warship Fleet CommandWARSHIP FLEET COMMAND shows unpredictable naval battles that can change with just a single gunshot. Enjoy the real-time battles of the iconic battleships USS Iowa and USS Yamato in realistic 3D graphics.▶ Discord : https://discord.gg/GxDYZQa9qH[PLAY FREE, GROW EASY]Enjoy the game for free and grow easily with daily missions and quests. Transport trains and supply routes will also make it easier to obtain different resources![BUILD A FLEET]Form a fleet of up to 70 ships and conquer the sea. You can create the strongest squadron with ships of various nationalities such as german Bismarck, IJN Musashi, and USS Gearing.[LARGE SCALE NAVAL BATTLES]Experience naval battles over 10 ships in real time, Control your ships strategically to achieve the best results.[ALL ABOUT NAVAL BATTLE]Battleships, Cruisers and Destroyers are not enough. Over 100 ships await you, Including AIRCRAFT CARRIERS, SUBMARINES, COASTAL ARTILLERY, SEA FORTRESSES all in high-quality 3D graphics.[ORIGINAL STORIES AND MODES]Experience the thrilling alternate history scenario. Modes like PvP, Convoy mission, Salvage operation, Bermuda triangle will test your strategies and tactics.[CUSTOMIZE YOUR WARSHIP]Enhance your warships with equipment, camouflages and crews, and assign historical admirals to command your squadron. The more you play, the bigger your influence gets._________________________________________________________IMPORTANT1. To install WARSHIP FLEET COMMAND you need at least 500MB of free space and STORAGE PERMISSION for us to store additional data.2. To play WARSHIP FLEET COMMAND, you need a medium or higher performance device for 3D graphics.3. An internet connection is required to play WARSHIP FLEET COMMAND.4. Sync your game account to other services i.e. Google and Facebook. Your progress will be saved and you can play the game at where you left off on the other devices.5. By downloading, installing or using this App, you agree to MAST Games' privacy policy and terms of use.

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