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Video Editor & Star Maker,Magic Effects- MagoVideo

  • APP : Video Editor & Star Maker,Magic Effects- MagoVideo
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Video Editor & Star Maker,Magic Effects- MagoVideo

Icona Video Editor & Star Maker,Magic Effects- MagoVideoBe a video star with Mago- Magic video editor with effects & video maker for TikTok. Magic effects video editor provide video editing with stunning effects for videos, transitions, touches & unique music. Magic video maker with effects helps video star to gain more followers on TikTok. To be a influential video star!Magic video editor with effects has the trendy materials, keyframe animations & Fancy effects, help you to edit video. Use magic video maker with effects to edit blogstar video, you’ll be a influential video star soon in TikTok , Instagram, Youtube…Key Features :★ Cool video effects: ccp, wave, glitch, RGB… To be a pro tiktok editor.★ Magic touches: Fire, Bomb Effects, Magic Energy…★ Keyframe animation available for stickers & texts. Easy-to-use keyframe video editor.★ Intro maker: Closing scene, Grid, Film… Magic effects for videos.★ Fx editor: Time-lapse magic video editor & slow-mo magic video maker. Be a movie star.★ Music Video Editor for fun lip sync. Easy-to-use photo slideshow maker.Edit video with Effects★ Add Touch & Magic Effect for Videos or Photo, make a trendy tiktok video.★ Add magic effects to photo, make photo to video just like Gif. Edit video with effects.Intro maker with effects★ Edit video or photo with cool mixed movie effects! Easily to be a Video Star.★ Cool mixed video effects to make intro in vlog video. Stylish intro maker.Photo slideshow music video maker★ Add free featured music or add your own music with magic effects. Pro Tiktok keyframe video editor with effects.★ 100+ music/songs to choose.Edit video with effects in tiktok editor.★ Short video maker with effects. Photo slideshow maker with video effects.Add Stickers & Text keyframe animation to Video★ Keyframe video editor provide two ways to make Sticker & Text animation. MagoVideo is the unique video editor which can record the movement of sticker & text produced by your finger. You also can add keyframe directly to generate TikTok effects.★ Free stickers, funny memes, gifs/Emojis, DIY stickers on effects video. ★ Add text on videos to create cool musical videos and lip sync videos in magic video editor with effects. Music video maker with magic effects for videos & photo slideshow.Video Cut & Trim★ Video cutter & video trimmer. To the length you want before edit video with effects.★ Rotate, flip, reverse video clips. Keyframe video editor is as easy as video cut.★ Fit your video or photo into Ratio with trendy video effects.★ Multiple backgrounds to choose, such as, black, white, blur, etc.Save and Share★ Export HD videos without losing quality after edit keyframe animation video with magic effects.★ Magic video maker with effects for TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and amaze your friends!Best magic video editor with effects, designed for video star, to edit video with effects, slowmo, music. Create a effects video in magic video maker with effects anytime. Record life moment in photo slideshow with keyframe animation stickers to amaze your family or friends.We are a team focus on video editing software, and our team is committed to providing the best blogstar video editing software for global users. If you have any questions & suggestions about MagoVideo (keyframe video editor & video effects editor), you can find us by following:[email protected]: magovideoAcknowledgements:FUGUE Music (https://icons8.com/music/)

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