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Vegas Crime Simulator

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Vegas Crime Simulator

Icona Vegas Crime SimulatorThe updated version of the free game has become more interesting and exciting. The game has a large open 3D world, beautiful 3D graphics and all the game mechanics needed for this genre. A game in which there is a clash of gangsters full of contrasts. In the game you are waiting for interesting tasks, various fights with enemies and fun game mechanics. In the game you will find various points of interest such as: a military base with a tank, an airport with an airplane, a platform to perform stunts on cars and motorcycles, a spaceship and robots.We recommend that you immerse yourself in the tough world of Las Vegas gangsters. You have to achieve success and glory in this world. The world of gangsters is very dangerous; it is ruled by injustice and lawlessness, each for himself. Your hero will have to be strong to be successful. These jungles of stone do not forgive mistakes. Your hero will be able to choose which side to take. You can be good or bad, the choice is yours. Put the thrilling third person gang simulator to the test.Your hero will have to start from the bottom up and coldly change his life. You have to go through various missions to gain respect and popularity in this city. You have to steal cars and fight various criminals.You can customize your character, making him unique, that's why the game has a clothing store. Clothing will allow your hero to look not only stylish, but also provide additional opportunities. How your character reveals itself is up to you. You can pump up your character by improving the skills you need, such as stamina, strength, accuracy, driving vehicles, owning various kinds of weapons.You can also give your hero unique abilities that will help you throughout the game. There is a superhero items shop in the game for this.Rope – it will allow you to move like a superhero, it will help you to move quickly in the city, to penetrate the most protected places such as a military base or a police station. Using a rope, you can attract objects or enemies.Fly – This enhancement gives your character a fly like superhero.Landing – this superpower allows you to land from any height without damage, you can't be afraid of falling and dying.Climbing walls – this superpower allows you to move on vertical surfaces such as buildings.Robot Costume – This costume allows the character to transform into a robot, this increases your stamina, armor and life. This costume will help your hero become invincible in battles with enemies.Superhero costume – allows you to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a superhero, but at the same time do not forget your main goals in the world of gansters. A stylish superhero costume will give your character additional skills such as flying and jumping.The game features a large number of cars, in the car shop you can take transportation for you for any purpose. The shop has bright sports cars, which will allow your hero to move around the city with the breeze and look good. And if you need a safer car, you can buy an armored SUV or a car with large wheels – this technique will allow you to drive anywhere and stay safe. The shop also has some nice bikes and a special car for a superhero. A superhero car has high performance in terms of speed and handling.We hope that you will spend some time with interest in this free game and enjoy it.

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