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Smooth Action-Cam Slowmo

  • APP : Smooth Action-Cam Slowmo
  • Requisiti : Android
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  • Categoria : Strumenti video

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Smooth Action-Cam Slowmo

Icona Smooth Action-Cam SlowmoRecord or Open your clip, edit it right on spot and share it with your friends in no time!Unlike other apps Smooth Action-Cam Slowmo works with your raw high FPS footage without converting it down to 30 FPS beforehand. If you want to go extra slow, this app calculates additional frames using Motion Interpolation or Frame Blending! This methods can offer very smooth slow motion clips without any stutter or what some people call "lag"! This App supports 30, 60, 120, 240 or more FPS videos recorded with for example with GoPro, Sony Actioncam, Rollei Actioncams, other Action Cams, Dji Drones, other Drones or your Smartphone! (or literally every other camera)Smooth Action-Cam Slowmo allows you to easily:- Cut, Delete and Trim- Slow Down (slow motion) parts or for your video or the whole clip- Calculate additional video frames if needed, for ultra smooth videos!- Speed Up (time lapse) parts or for your video or the whole clip- Add Slow Motion Sound Effects- Add Fisheye Image Effect to your smartphone footage- Export your clip in full resolution- Export in lower or higher resolution or fpsSlow down your clip down to 1/8 of the original play back speed, or speed it up to 200%!This is not just another App that let's you add Filters to your video!This app is designed for Action-Cam, Drone and Smartphone users who travel a lot, who can't wait to get home to edit their footage or who are simply looking for a fast and easy solution to create ultra slow motion videos without learning how to use a complex video editing software.

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