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Icona Rokto‘Rokto’ belongs to ‘Project Rokto’ which is is a non-profit initiative by a group of talented youngsters. Project Rokto is an online platform where the people in need of blood can find blood donors anytime and anywhere around Bangladesh. This platform eliminates the hassle of running from one blood bank to another or posting on social media groups about blood and spending hours to find blood donors. With ‘Rokto’ app, you can search for blood donors of any blood group within the required area. Anybody who has access to the internet can reach thousands of potential blood donors within a minute.Project Rokto currently has a website and an android app connected to a database which stores information of donors. This platform is specifically designed to find blood donors in the fastest time. It has been built keeping simplicity in mind. Anybody with little to no knowledge of the internet can use this platform. Just select the blood group you are looking for and your location, click search – and you will find appropriate blood donors. Rokto app is as simple as that!Project Rokto aims to build the biggest blood donor database of Bangladesh. Our milestone is to reach 10 million people by 2020. The main goal is to make the process of finding blood donors Fast, Free and Easy.MAIN FEATURES OF THE APP:>Finding blood donors of the required blood group>Finding blood donors in the closest area>Contacting with the blood donor>Registering as a blood donor>Updating contact information>Updating last donation date

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