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Poo Goes to Pooland

Icona Poo Goes to PoolandChildren who suffer encopresis often begin to feel that there is little more to them than the problem itself. In 'Poo Goes Home to Pooland', the problem is embodied in a troublesome character and placed externally to the child. This process aims to place some distance between the child and the blame and the shame of soiling. This helps to free them from their fears and may mobilise previously beleaguered resources within the child and their family.'Externalising' stories have proved valuable in engaging children in behavioural treatment programmes within a family therapy context. However, you may find them useful in combination with your chosen therapeutic style.The style and content of 'Poo Goes Home to Pooland' was designed to suit the cognitive development stage of children up to around seven years of age. Individual illustrations and accompanying text are intended to promote understanding of toileting mattersand to relieve anxiety. They cover topics such as sharing unhappy feelings and how to recognise when you need a poo.Talking about 'Pooland' might help you to engage a child in getting control of their poo.

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