Icona iGallery OS 15 - Photo Editor

iGallery OS 15 – Photo Editor

  • APP : iGallery OS 15 – Photo Editor
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iGallery OS 15 – Photo Editor

Icona iGallery OS 15 - Photo EditorIf you are one of those people who admire OS then you can appreciate the neatness of OS app interface and especially of OS’s gallery app. iGallery OS 15 promises to bring that experience on your android device. iGallery OS 15, a photo gallery app that brings the neatness of the Photo app and might make a good alternative to your default gallery app. The app photo gallery manager from Phone X style, and from style OS12, complete from the rounded corners to the font. That’s what our special.We categorize photos by album, sort videos, photo gift… over time, your topic when creating it _ a perfect Photo Album.Enjoy photos and videos gallery about you, your lover, your family, your friend and everything you save an unlimited.Full material design! It combines best photo gallery of android with flat design.? Function of ? iGallery i.o.s 15 : Gallery Phone X ?✓ Best fast gallery iGallery is the fastest app for sync your photo to your Phone Style Gallery. As well as viewing HD photos, find photos and managing albums. Fast refresh gallery collections.✓ View mode style OS gallery The timeline or folder view mode, switching is very convenient.✓ Interface design sophistication in gallery Photo album style OS time view… makes it easy to search and manage them. iGallery HD can view photos by Year if you want to see more photos. Gallery can show photos by Month or by Day, you can easy to manage or find for image.✓ Create and manage photo albums Create your own album with OS style. Create Albums and choose best photos of yours into secret folder or your folder. ✓ Best Gallery video player Quickpic gallery video with gallery app, playing videos with our unique quick seek technology! Open Video from gallery of supported all video formats and you can say like flv video player, mp4 video player, avi video player etc.✓ Edit photo in Gallery OS Edit photo with tool supper as rotate photo, filter photo, flip, crop, adjust colors… Support many format photo as JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF…Add emojis for photoAdd sticker for photoAdd text for photo✓ Show photo details.✓ Rotate photo backgrounds.✓ Set Wallpaper✓ Share to social networks from gallery.✓ Multi selection move & copy paste files✓ Delete photo, album or video gallery✓ Open photo with preferable apps.✓ Preview your photo✓ Collection Photo, Collection album, Collection video album Security of iGallery OS 15 : Gallery Phone 13 ? iGallery Phone 13 security is most important for any mobile. The Gallery App which can protect your gallery media. Gallery lock is provided in this app with that you can keep your phone secured and private. It allows you to lock all you image and videos behind a password. Collection with high-security pin/password privacy protection easy, effective, extremely lightweight and absolutely free. ? Gallery 15 : Gallery Phone X is a Beauty Gallery app for Photo 15. It same as Gallery plus, Gallery+. Inheriting the excellent experience of iGallery OS15 on Phone 13 earlier. We hope we can bring you the pleasant experience, easy and fun to app.So, you can download now and experience ? Comments with us, share with your friends and give us 5 stars if you like Gallery OS 15 : Gallery Phone X <3Thanks for using ? Gallery OS 15: Gallery Phone X ?

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