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Icona Flexiroam XFlexiroam – World's first and leading eSIM Roaming Data providerMeet your new best travel partner! Flexiroam X allows you to get roaming data to stay connected in 150+ countries, so you’ll never be without data in a foreign country again. After a no-frills, one-time installation, you’ll get access to 500+ networks in the world.How it works:• Before traveling, order a Data Plan and Starter Pack (expect it on your doorstep in 3-7 business days*).• Install the Flexiroam eSIM / Microchip / SIM with our step by step guide in the app.• Voila! You’re connected anywhere in the world.Features:• Convenient international data roaming. You won’t have to queue up to purchase an overseas SIM or physically change SIM cards ever again.• We partner with multiple networks in each country to deliver the strongest connection. When roaming on Flexiroam X, you’ll automatically connect to the strongest network across multiple networks. This is something a local SIM / portable WiFi device cannot do!• FlexiShare – Pocket WiFi capabilities to share your data plans with your companions without the need to carry an extra device. Share a data plan without worrying about sticking together to get the WiFi signal.• Global Data Plans are great for frequent flyers traveling to multiple destinations as it covers more than 150 countries** in the world.• Local Data Plans are suitable for leisure travelers going to single destinations or a specific region (for example, Europe), with data plans that range from 1-30 day(s).• Call local landlines, international and mobile numbers in the app.Benefits:• Affordable and Convenient• Flexible and Innovative• No SIM cards required (for eSIM)• Ditch your Roaming bills• Competitive Prices• Ultra High-Speed DataIf you have any questions, feature requests or run into any problems, shoot us an email at [email protected]. We love hearing from you!————————————————————-Shipping charges and delivery time may vary.List of supported countries may vary.Visit www.flexiroam.com for more information.

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