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Icona Donkey RepublicGet access to shared Donkey Bikes, e-bikes and scooters in more than 50 cities across Europe. Whether you need a quick ride or you are looking for a regular city bike solution, you will find the most flexible and affordable solutions with our PAYG or monthly plans. No signup fee, no binding period, no traffic, no pollution and no waiting time for repairs. Better than owning a bikeWith bike-sharing, you decide when you need a bike and where. If your plans change you can drop-off your Donkey and walk with your friends or take the bus/metro. A flat tire or broken lights? Don’t wait for repairs, simply switch to a nearby bike in the app at no extra cost. Can I leave the bike anywhere?No. Please return your Donkeys to specific drop-off locations – there is one on almost every corner – so we can keep our lovely cities organised and a pleasure to look at. Park your Donkey Bike like other bikes, nicely lined up in a bike rack. This will make other cyclists and pedestrians, especially blind people and mommies with their prams very happy. HOW IT WORKSDownload this app, create an account and ride away:• Find a Donkey nearby and take it for a ride• When done, find a drop-off location on the map• Bring the Donkey there and end your ride in the app• Flat tire or broken lights? Don’t wait for repairs, switch to a nearby bike with the app PRICING OPTIONS✓ For occasional trips:Just Ride (pay as you go) with no strings attached. Ideal for trips from 15mins to even 14 days and for group bookings with up to 5 vehicles with one rental. You can also top up your Donkey Wallet with money and we will give you bonus credit that you can use for Just Riding. ✓ Monthly local memberships:Get 1 hour or 12 hours free riding time every time you take a Donkey Bike, including repairs and support for a fix monthly fee. Ideal for the daily commute and for a busy city life with multiple errands throughout the day. No signup fee, no binding, valid in all cities. ✓ Donkey Lease Plan:Better than owning a bike. For a fixed monthly fee you get access to Donkey Bikes that you only need to check back into the sharing system every 7 days, should you need them that long. This gives you a reliable bike and also flexibility when your plans change and you want to take the metro or when all your friends arrive on bikes and you suddenly need one too. No signup fee, no binding and if you have a problem, simply switch to a working Donkey Bike nearby with the app. PAYMENT METHODS WE ACCEPTYou can get on a Donkey Bike by using any major debit and credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express. You can also attach your PayPal or iDEAL account to your Donkey account. CYCLING IS OUR PASSIONWe are a team of 40(ish) firm believers in cycling as the most efficient mode of transportation and the only one our cities need. Most of us live in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, sustainability and cycling. We work by the rule that any decision we make, will have to bring us closer to being a sustainable, affordable and reliable mobility provider. We wish to show the world that cycling can make cities more liveable and bike-sharing will help in that transformation. Never be without a bike! Get on a Donkey Bike in a few clicks and enjoy the wind in your hair.Donkey Republic – Every ride counts!

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