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Camera Super Pixel

Icona Camera Super Pixel★ BETA VERSION ★”Camera Super Pixel” takes pictures enhancing the resolution of your camera (up to 4x), improving sharpness and reducing noise.The camera is optimized for static scenes. In other situations the result may not be good.At the moment these are the phones compatible with our app:● Samsung S7 / S7 edge (48.8 MP)● Nexus 5 (32 MP)● Nexus 5X (48.8 MP)● Nexus 6 (52 MP)● Nexus 6P (48.8 MP)● OnePlus 2 (51.9 MP)● Samsung S6 / S6 edge / Note 5 (Android 6.0)● LG G4 / G Flex 2● Sony Xperia Z5 (all variants)● Mediatek (eg. Micromax Canvas A1, Sparkle V, …)— FAQ —● How does “Camera Super Pixel” work?“Camera Super Pixel” takes a burst of pictures and intelligently combines them into a higher resolution photograph (up to 4x) using an own-developed super-resolution (SR) algorithm.● Can I also use the front camera?Yes, please!● Why only these phones?For “Camera Super Pixel” to work, the device must be able to use the “burst mode” and support the raw photo format included in the new Camera2 API. Unfortunately just a few smartphones support this feature.● Why beta?We are continuously working on improving the performance of Camera Super Pixel in terms of speed and quality of the result.— THANKS —● We would like to thank everyone who uses our applications. Your support helps us to keep working hard on this project. Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any issue. We are delighted to receive any feedback.● “Camera Super Pixel” uses code from the camera app included in the Android Open Source Project. We would like to thank Google for supporting developers.— NOTES —● Android is a trademark of Google Inc.● This app is not affiliated or endorsed by Google Inc.

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