Icona Tv Connector (HDMI /MHL/USB)

Tv Connector (HDMI /MHL/USB)

  • APP : Tv Connector (HDMI /MHL/USB)
  • Requisiti : Android
  • Autore : Home
  • Categoria : Librerie e demo

Tv Connector (HDMI /MHL/USB) Scarica(APKPure)

Tv Connector (HDMI /MHL/USB) Scarica(Google Play)

Tv Connector (HDMI /MHL/USB)

Icona Tv Connector (HDMI /MHL/USB)Using usb , mhl adapter or hdmi cables and tv connector app you can play videos, music, photos, etc in your smartphone with any devices (smartphone, smartTV, laptop, tablet, etc) at anywhere.tv connector ( HDMI /MHL ) allowed you to connect phone to tv to be a second screen for your phone by an hdmi cable and mhl cable or vga to hdmi cables … as well as card readers from your phone or tablets- All you have to do is connect the tv with hdmi cable to read phone informations or connect tv with the same hdmi cable as your smart phone then open this android hdmi software and connext hdmi and you can enjow watchin movies and gaming on tv ,please consider tv connector HDMI ( MHL ) connecor with cable usb!Mirror screen does not need extra dongle or hdmi cable or hdmi adaptor. Click the “Start”.You can too display your tablet screen on tv using cable hdmi if it has hdmi output .if your tablet has no hdmi output you have connect tv and your android tablet with usb to hdmi or hdmi to mhl , hdmi to vga ,vga to hdmi and clics on connect button to connect to tv 4k.Use your phones IR blaster to change inputs on your Audio HDMI switcher;No more hunting for lost remotes, just use this application;The home screen widget allows quick switching of video sources without needing to open the application ;Compatible with 2 and 4 input switchers;Features :- connect to tv- hdmi output- hdmi cables- hdmi for android- connext hdmi- hdmi cable from phone to tv- hdmi adaptor- tv connectors- screen mirroring app- mirror screen- screen mirroring tv- mirror tv- wireless connect to tv- screen sharing to tablet – mirror cast- screen mirroring – cast screen android- samsung mirroring app- screen mirr- mirror screen android

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