Icona Travel Mapper: Travel Tracker, Map Where I've Been

Travel Mapper: Travel Tracker, Map Where I've Been

  • APP : Travel Mapper: Travel Tracker, Map Where I've Been
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  • Categoria : Viaggi e info locali

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Travel Mapper: Travel Tracker, Map Where I've Been

Icona Travel Mapper: Travel Tracker, Map Where I've BeenWhere have you been in your travels around the world ?? Create your own travel map and a record of your travel memories with our travel map tracker. Leave your mark of world travel in the countries visited and states you've been to with your personal travel scratch map or keep track of favourite places travelled or still on your bucket list with your pin map.Fast Facts for the World Traveler? Mark off countries of the world and track your travel progress by states been on a scratch map.? Pin places and cities visited on a beautiful & unique flag travel map.? Discover and track places of interest on your bucket list: airports, unesco sites, national sites (monument, heritage, historical, battlefield, trail) and national parks.? Detailed statistics for every place travelled.? Visa checker with travel maps to quickly check visa requirements.? Flag collection for every city, state and country that you have visited.? No user sign up wall, free travel tracking in privacy.? No dodgy permissions requested.? No bloated app, lightweight travel map tracker.? Every travel map can be shared, show off where you've been.Travel Mapper is a free trip tracker and travel planner app for globetrotters and nomads. Add it to your list of essential travel apps to travel the world with and track your journey without exceeding your luggage ?. For every place marked on your pin map, our travel tracker app will automatically tag the states and countries visited for you, marking off all your travel scratch maps in one go! Share your journey with friends and family like a personal travel log ? of all the places visited and destinations yet to be discovered. Full Feature List? Visited Countries Map – mark off countries been on a personal visited world map. Create your world travel map and own travel list of all countries in the world. E.g. bucket list, countries lived. Keep a travel journal and map your trip with your travel dates and check every country's visa requirements for your passport.? Pin Map of Cities Visited – pin cities been with a virtual pin travel map similar to the physical one on your wall. Map your travels in the cities of the world and pin a flag for every city visited, discover quick facts on every place like population, altitude & size.? Points of Interest Map – mark your favourite places to visit on your POI push pin map of the world. Discover new places of interest been or save your places to go. Track your world travels on a travel map with a list of all the states visited, cities been, and interesting places you've been to sorted by all countries visited.✒️ Visited States Map – track states you've been to with a country scratchmap of all your favourite countries of the world. Check how many US states you've been to and or keep track of destinations like countries in the UK, provinces of Canada or regions of Italy, Spain, Germany & France.? Travel Visa Checker – going on vacation soon ✈️? Plan your next trip with a visa map for all the countries of the world. Check visa information on how long you can stay in each place on your bucket list.? Continent Scratchmap – going on a gap year, road trip or euro trip? Plan and track your journey with your travel map of Europe, South America or Asia. Track countries been by continent on a detailed travel map of your destination, the perfect trip tracker for long term travelers with specific travel goals.? Travel Statistics – track the footprints of your travels with all the places been in your lifetime presented as charts. Check out where you've been in a continent, country, state or place.? Flags of Visited Places – show off your travel record and explore places been as a world traveller with your own collection of country, state and city flags of the world, each representing when and where you have travelled in the world.

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