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  • APP : Tagada
  • Requisiti : Android
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  • Categoria : Simulazione

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Icona TagadaMany rides to choose from, COLLECT THEM ALL. * Sky Swing * Roller Coaster * Extreme * Waterlogs * Waltzer * Frogs * Big Wheel * Slide * Miami * Dodgems * Carrousel * Tea Cups * Ghost Train * Bungee * Balloons * Chairs * Fun House * Seastorm * Super Bob * Tip Top * Tagada * Orbiter * No Fear * Air * Bomber * Top Spin * Twist * Apple Roller * Jumbo * Mini Troopa * Mini Miami * Dreams LiveDownload today.Get ready and hold on tight as you will be bounced, jiggled and shaken on this giant disco themed hydraulic drum.For a better experience connect a VR headset to your device, split the screen, then launch the app, if your device permits you to do so. Or, make a VR style headset from a cardboard box, secure your device into the box and plug your headphones in allowing you to be consumed by the experience, tricking your mind into thinking that you are really there.This application contains flashing images which could cause problems for viewers with photosensitive epilepsy. Some viewers may also be affected by motion sickness.

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