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Super Auto Pets

  • APP : Super Auto Pets
  • Requisiti : Android
  • Autore : Home
  • Categoria : Strategia

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Super Auto Pets

Icona Super Auto PetsBattle against other players at your own pace in this free-to-play chill auto battler.In Super Auto Pets you build a team from a lovable cast of animals who will fight for you. They each have unique abilities, so choose wisely who will join your team!Features two modes- Arena mode, asynchronous match ups, no turn timer! Can you get 10 wins?- Versus mode, match up against X other players, can you come out on top?Please note that this is a beta release. Things are subject to change, and there might be some imbalance issues. Feel free to report any issues by sending us an email or joining our discord!We relied a lot on free emoji libraries. Thank you very much for the amazing work. The following is a list of the used emoji packs and a link to the source and license.Twemoji emojis made by Twitterhttps://github.com/twitter/twemojihttps://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/Noto emojis made by Googlehttps://github.com/googlefonts/noto-emojihttps://www.apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0Icons made by Smash Icons from flaticon.comhttps://smashicons.com/Icons made by Freepik from flaticon.comhttps://www.freepik.com/Icons made by Dinosoft Labs from flaticon.comhttps://www.flaticon.com/authors/dinosoftlabsIcons made by Nhor Phai from flaticon.comhttps://www.flaticon.com/authors/nhor-phaiIcons made by Srip from flaticon.comhttps://www.flaticon.com/authors/sripIcons made by Vector Market from flaticon.comhttps://www.flaticon.com/authors/vectors-market

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