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Icona SailFreeGPSHello,I am an amateur sailor who has decided to create this app after a Transatlantic cruise.I add periodically functionalities to this app when I have some spare time.✓ SailFreeGPS displays current location, course (COG), speed (SOG), max speed, Trip distance, speed average and magnetic compass.✓ SailFreeGPS displays COG and SOG history (6h) to help you to see trim effect on your sails.✓ SailFreeGPS filters GPS information for more accuracy (average of an amount of last measures you can set).✓ SailFreeGPS can share your position, COG, SOG to your friends.✓ SailFreeGPS helps you during Man OverBoard maneuver (MOB). It stores the location and lead you to it.✓ SailFreeGPS displays your track on google map (24h).✓ SailFreeGPS helps you during Regatta with its countdown timer and its departure line✓ You can store up to 8 waypoints and activate a GOTO function with ETA (Estimated Time to Arrival computation)✓ You can save/load track to/from GPX/KML file✓ You can calculate distance and heading ✓ You can use it on every boat, motor or sail boat.✓ You can now activate an anchor alarm or a course alarm.Compass is a very tricky sensor, some time not accurate or some time just not calibrated. In this case, just consider https://support.google.com/maps/answer/2839911?co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroidPlease send me an email for any question or problem : [email protected] me to continue by subscribing to premium version.List of features of Premium VersionPremium version DOES NOT CONTAIN ADS.GPS INFO Tab:✓ Doucle click on SPEED will reset trip, max and ags speed✓ Long click on COURSE to display compass✓ Double click on coordinates to display/hide positionGraph Tab:✓ Double click COG graph to switch to full screen modeMOB Tab:✓ Displays of relative bearing of the MOB✓ Displays of tack angles✓ Double click graph to switch to full screen modeWaypoint Tab:✓ Up to 100 Waypoints✓ Displays of relative bearing of Waypoint✓ Displays of tack angles✓ Double click graph to switch to full screen modeMap Tab:✓ Displays of SOG and COG (speed & course)✓ Your track segments are displayed according to your speedAnchor alarm:✓ Anchor area can be a polygon and you can adjust its shapeRegatta Tab:✓ "Gun Button" allows to round seconds to nearest minute Ex: 4:03 => 4:00 or 3:58 => 4:00✓ Enter exact départure time up to the second✓ Displays of time to kill/save continuing the same way (speed and course)✓ Displays of ideal speed to cross the line at 0:00 on the same course!!!Settings Tab:✓ Displays reverse color (white on black back)✓ You can select Hybrid map✓ Select on which duration is calculated the speed scale of your track: last 5min, 15 min or all the track✓ Select your tack angle value. It will be displayed on MOB and WAYPOINT tabsExit:✓ Ask to save the track before Exit

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