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Rocket Soccer Derby

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Rocket Soccer Derby

Icona Rocket SoccerSupports both online multi-player as well as offline single-player.This futuristic racing sports game, equips players with demolition derby like boosted vehicles that can be smashed into the soccer ball for amazing action-packed goals. Breathtaking graphics and ultra realistic car physics will test your racing soccer skills to the max!Rocket Soccer Derby brings you a bunch of cool features including:- Action-packed car soccer- Real-time multiplayer (online teams 3 Vs 3)- Tricks like jumping with your car- Goal scoring action- Realistic car damage and deformation- Detailed car customization- Season league mode- Smooth car physics- Earn achievements and level-up- Amazing graphicsGet ready to take your car to the soccer pitch and race for the ultimate soccer glory. You master your vehicle with smooth and skillful moves like a true rocket. Join the league to compete for the world championship. Will you become the next big Rocket Soccer Derby player and take the cup home?Players from all over the world compete in this free online multiplayer soccer game.This game is developed by the award winning developers of Demolition Derby Multiplayer and brings the next generation multiplayer technology to your mobile device.Copyright 2017-2020 Destruction Crew. All rights reserved.

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