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Icona PolyWorks|TalismanA single measurement specialist performs a measurement task that normally requires two people. An operator measures a part twice as fast by eliminating back-and-forth trips to the computer running PolyWorks. These are just some examples of the outstanding productivity gains that the free PolyWorks|Talisman mobile app generates. Bring PolyWorks into the palm of your handThe PolyWorks|Talisman app runs on mobile computing devices and communicates with PolyWorks through a Wi-Fi connection. A major benefit of PolyWorks|Talisman consists in its capability to remotely control PolyWorks. While being in front of their part, operators can directly connect to their probing or laser-scanning device, configure measurement modes and parameters, launch a probing operation, and perform typical probing actions, such as measuring a point, ending object probing, deleting the last probed point, or reprobing an object. Get live feedback, anywherePolyWorks|Talisman also provides remarkable feedback on the PolyWorks measurement session in real time, such as: • 3D Scene display, along with critical measurement information, such as guiding instructions, guiding images, guiding points, point counters for object probing, and more• Single or multiple Digital Readout display to efficiently build fixtures and jigs• Audio feedback to hear the sounds of the probing and scanning session Moreover, PolyWorks|Talisman allows users to directly read messages and answer questions. Total confidentiality guaranteedPolyWorks|Talisman is designed to guarantee total confidentiality under all circumstances: • No proprietary information saved on the mobile device• Encrypted communication• No connection to Internet or any other computer• Possibility of explicitly restricting usage to a predefined list of mobile device IDs PolyWorks|Talisman offers ultimate security characteristics required for ultra-confidential setups.

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