Icona Otg Endoscope Camera View

Otg Endoscope Camera View

  • APP : Otg Endoscope Camera View
  • Requisiti : Android
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Otg Endoscope Camera View

Icona Otg Endoscope Camera ViewOtg Endoscope Camera View an app connect your phone with endoscope cam or any device like a USB camera or Borescope camera depstech, sewer inspection camera there is many devices that use external cam like inspection camera sewer.* How does it work Otg Endoscope Camera View?the otg endoscope camera view app for android works like an otg view. open your external Borescope by USB otg or type-c and read it the endoscope app need to use micro just to record video with sounds and need to use the gallery to write and read it pictures and videoscheck that before using this endoscope app:1- if your device supports USB otg technology after open the app, choose in the settingUSB otg checker to check if your device support otg or not2- if Your USB camera is UVC-compatible* How to use this Endoscope camera :open the app and enter the USB of your endoscope camera in your phone click on the camera icon click on ok now you can see the endoscope camera is working. take photo and record video if you want to see his pictures and videos click on the gallery now you can see all your pictures Slide your finger to the left you can see now all videos click on anyone and choose your player click on always and watch your video. now how to delete pic and video on the endoscope app camera inside the gallery click long click on picture or video you can see the deletion icon that's allIn what you can use the endoscope camera device:the Borescope or endoscope has many things to do like in blocked drains you can see what inside You will not need camera drain unblocker or plumbing cam repair anymore. it works like a sewer camera Borescope or you can use it with any external camera like a webcam.

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