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  • Requisiti : Android
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  • Categoria : Viaggi e info locali

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Opptima Mobile

Icona Opptima MobilealgoWatt Opptima Mobile® is the Android App responsible for supporting the driver during the operation of the demand responsive transport service. It is able to communicate with the back-end platform in real time in a bidirectional way and guarantees not to lose the information to be exchanged even in the absence of a mobile transmission network coverage signal.The application allows the driver to view the ordered list of trips to be operated, including the individual detailed operations to be fulfilled. During the execution of the service, the application sends the update of the status of the races to the back-end central platform.Opptima Mobile® also provides the driver with a tool to support navigation and a channel for receiving messages and to communicate any alarms to the back-end platform.

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