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Icona MuslimMuslim Assistant app brings together all the Islamic features you are looking for. It contains many details such as qibla finder compass, dhikr, reading the Quran, and listening to the Quran, especially prayer time.Prayer time is given according to your location. Wherever you go, the application automatically detects your location and delivers azan information according to your region.Used by millions of Muslims all over the world, Muslim Assistant allows you to organize your religious life and collect it on a single screen. All the features you are looking for are combined in one application and you are presented with it.Muslim Assistant: Prayer Time, Qibla, Quran App Features✅ Prayer TimeIt is the most accurate application for prayer time wherever you are in the world, as it has all the settings that you can accurately calculate the prayer time according to your location.With its azan alarm options, you can set visual and audible alarms and receive notifications before each azan alarm. Thus, you can easily be notified when prayer times come.✅ Qibla CompassYou can find Mecca and Kaaba on the map, and you can determine the direction in the most accurate way with its compass.With the Qibla Direction Compass Mode, you can easily see where the Kaaba is, even when you are offline, and pray according to Islamic rules.✅ The Holy QuranYou can listen to the Holy Quran, sung by 27 different muezzins. You can follow the verse more easily due to the bright display of the parts read during the audio Quran reading. In addition to the horizontal screen support, you can go to the Verse, Surah, and Prayer you want with quick access. You can change the text size as you wish.Besides its main features, MuslimAssistant has many different details. One of them can be shown as Zikirmatik. You can run Dhikrmatik by selecting the prayer you want. Then you can start counting automatically and continue your dhikr. All other details you can find in the application are listed as follows.All Features of Muslim AssistantDhikrFriday MessagesMosques NearbyPrayer and SurahsPrayer and SurahsKaaba Live BroadcastEsma-ul HusnaHijri calendarMessage EditorIMPORTANT NOTES:We recommend that you use your phone horizontally on a flat surface and keep it away from electromagnetic fields and metal objects for the app to detect your location accurately. Confirm your direction according to the blue line we show from the location of the building or place you are in. If necessary, you can change your location by holding down the sign.Make sure that your location settings are up-to-date and open, as our application shows the prayer time according to the location of your device.ANDROID PERMISSIONSIn-app purchase/Payment: If you decide to upgrade Muslim Assistant to the Premium version, you can pay securely using your Google Play Store account.Location (GPS and network-based): Your location is required to calculate azan, determine qibla direction, and find mosques near you.Storage/Photo/Media/Files: It is necessary to save downloaded content such as audio recitations, and translations of the Qur'an.https://www.facebook.com/muslimassistant/https://twitter.com/muslimassistanthttps://www.instagram.com/muslimassistant/https://www.linkedin.com/company/muslimassistant/

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