Icona Locately: Save Location

Locately: Save Location

  • APP : Locately: Save Location
  • Requisiti : Android
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  • Categoria : Mappe e navigatori

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Locately: Save Location

Icona Locately: Save LocationIt allows you to save your current locations on the map and retrieve the places you saved later, and view your locations both on the application map and on Maps.FEATURES :* Save current position        Depending on the type of location (cafe, restaurant, gym, etc.) you can view the map on the map.* View locations        You can view a list of locations that you have already saved.* Edit and delete locations        You can edit or delete the location comfort you want to edit or delete.* See the saved location on Maps        You can view your saved location on Maps by clicking on the name or location on the listed locations, and you can take advantage of the Maps features there (Directions, Traffic conditions etc.)* Search within Locations        You can filter between saved locations and get the position you want.* Change map type        You can view it either as a satellite or as a regular or hybrid map.You can help us by translating the application into your own language https://goo.gl/7LIN0You can do your feedback and feature requests to this address –> [email protected] you!

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