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Hero Factory

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  • Requisiti : Android
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Hero Factory

Icona Hero Factory***New feature : Boss Challenge & RelicsDive into the epic world of Hero Factory and unstop the massive hero production from your own factories to challenge powerful bosses.Dispatch your heroes from the factories to hunt epic enemies down and earn plenty of golds to become a rich enough to expand your hero production lines. Various kinds of epic weapons and helmets! Collect unique items and discover new epic gear combinations to define your own hero style.Merge an enchant stone and make your items more epic and powerful for the heroesCollect golds from the monsters and upgrade the hero factories for stronger heroes.Customize your heroes with epic skins and merge them into a united team. Hero Factory is an easy-to-play idle tycoon RPG where you can experience incomparable pleasure by managing your heroes and factories to stand against the enemies. Upgrade your heroes and factories with enchant stones and golds to create stronger army and send them to the battlefield for more epic rewards.Download for free today and begin to make your own heroes and factories!★ Hero Factory Features ★ * Various types of Heroes from different factoriesSwashbuckler, Hunting Queen, Dagger, Witch, Axe King, Gunslinger and more heroes * Strategical game play on the battlefield Strategically choose and use powerful skills to achieve a victory in the battle * Managing and Enhancing Your Heroes and factoriesGo on vacations countless times to increase your heroes’ stats and the factory production * Tile-matching Mini-merge gameMerge enchant stones to find out more mysterious and powerful stones to upgrade your heroes and gears * Exciting AdventureExplore Infinite epic battles throughout the journey with your heroes and obtain enormous rewards♠ Terms of Use and Privacy Policy ♠ https://sites.google.com/view/playhardco/terms-of-usehttps://sites.google.com/view/playhardco/privacy-policy

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