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Hao Deng

Icona Hao DengControlling your smart LED has never been easier. 16 million amazing color choices, coolwhite or warmwhite, or many other tones in between. Select any color you want, vary the brightness, store favorite scenes, or choose one of the preset color sequences. MULTI-ROOM / MULTI-SCENEControl the bulbs individually, or group them together. Create individual moods for different rooms. Full control, at your finger tip.SECURITY LIGHTINGGoing out of town? Set the smart LED to come on and off at certain times, and no one will know you are away. Set individual timers for daily, weekdays, weekends, or specific days.PERFECT WAKE-UP or TURN-DOWN LIGHTINGSetup the smart LED to gently turn on the room lighting in the morning, or reduce brightness in the evenings. Perfect way to start the day or settle into the evening.PARTY TOOLHaving a party? Set the device to MIC mode, where it’ll listen to the surrounding music and change colors to match the beat.Want lighting to match the color of the room? Easy, use the camera from the APP to detect the surrounding color, which then auto-updates the LED device to matching colors.SHAREHave you created the perfect scene using your lights? Have multiple users at home? No problem, use the email to share devices with other members of your household.SECURESetup passwords to ensure only authorized persons have access to your smart lighting network.

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