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Capture Santa In My House

  • APP : Capture Santa In My House
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Capture Santa In My House

Icona Capture Santa In My HouseThe Original and #1 Santa and Easter Bunny app!He IS real! Impress your kids by showing them a picture of SANTA IN YOUR HOUSE! Give them the best gift idea that will have them running to tell their friends: “Look who we caught in our house”!This is a must this Christmas or Easter. Plus we give you the tools to adjust and make it as realistic as possible. So much so that YOU will believe in Santa and Easter Bunny again!Our characters are high resolution and magically, they look REAL in your photos. Create photographic PROOF for your little ‘BELIEVERS’ that Santa, The Tooth Fairy, or the Easter Bunny were in your house.How the App Works:-Take a photo where you want to catch Santa, tree, fireplace, kids sleeping..-Choose from one of the many different Santa poses that fits best in your scene-Resize and position till Santa looks just the right size-Use the flip icon to make Santa change directions-Use the brightness to control Santa, make sure the box is around the image-Use the brightness to control the background photo to match Santa-If you want to add text, tap on the TEXT icon, change color and add background and font-Tap the download icon and save to camera roll, email, or messenger-Show the kids on Christmas morning and wait to see the excitement!-Also included are Christmas phrases, Reindeer, Snowman and Santa hats, beards, elf and reindeer hats. Tons of fun.Catch Santa-Capture the Magic is better than ever:-Faster-Easier To Use-Brand new Photo Editing Features: – Cropping – 40 handcrafted filters – Photo/sticker adjustment – Saturation, Contrast, Brightness, Gamma (and hey, who doesn’t need a little GAMMA in their photos right?) – Focus – Text – Add your own text with different font choices – Paint Brush – Frames – Overlays – Create save and share unlimited photos – Add multiple stickers in 1 photoAmaze your kids (and the kids at heart) with the most lifelike photos of magical characters ‘caught’ in your own home!Download and try now!

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