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Basketball – Legend Stars

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Basketball – Legend Stars

Icona Basketball - Legend Stars"Basketball – Legend Stars 2021" is a real-time basketball competitive game. There is no complex player training. It depends on the operation to crush the opponent.Game features:Many legendary players appear on the court. Players of different occupations, different skills and different characteristics can form a variety of super lineups, which leads to a variety of playing methods and tactical cooperation. Is it the lone hero who frightens the whole audience, or the exquisite cooperation of mercury diarrhea? Everything is under your control.Top hand feel of real competitionThe game adopts real-time synchronization technology to ensure the fairness between players to the greatest extent. The operation of the rudder has also been optimized to the greatest extent, ensuring that different types of mobile phones can achieve the highest hand feel and the most silky control experience.The game has built-in a variety of competition modes, focusing on the cooperation of 3v3 qualifying mode; Bullfighting Grand Prix mode with personal skills; As well as the innovative hot three-point ball competition, whether you are a casual player or a heavy player, the combination of various events can meet your needs. What are you waiting for? Pick up your cell phone and have a real street basketball game with your friends!

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