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  • APP : Authenticator
  • Requisiti : Android
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  • Categoria : Produttività

Authenticator Scarica(APKPure)

Authenticator Scarica(Google Play)


Icona AuthenticatorMade by the Netherlands’ top app developers at Pixplicity, this app generates single-use password codes that you use in combination with a regular username and password. Much like other well known authenticator apps that shan't be named (and fully compatible!) it works with many online accounts and even without a data connection, but with many, many improvements:Using this app you can finally back-up your accounts to your favourite cloud, transfer them to a new phone without hiccups, or even share them with your partner.Only with Pixplicity Authenticator, you.. • … will never again have to reset TFA on all your accounts when you buy a new phone. • … won’t have to trust our cloud with your accounts (since we don’t have a cloud and we don’t store your accounts). • … won’t have to trust other cloud providers with your accounts (since we encrypt your back-up using strong AES 256-bit encryption).Novelty features include: • Dark theme support • Recognise accounts by their app icons • Copy one-time passcodes to clipboard • Back-up and restore your accounts • Share accounts by scanning a QR code • Authorise using your fingerprint before sharing or creating back-ups • Encrypted account storage • Security: this app doesn't even request internet permission, and is utterly unable to secretly send your stuff to some shady servers.

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