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3D Soccer

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3D Soccer

Icona 3D SoccerFirst person view soccer, also supports 3rd Person, top and stadium view-Advanced control of the ball for dribbling and kicking-Play 4 vs 4, to 11 vs 11.-Become any player on the field-Auto dribble and manual dribble and options-Play as goal keeper.-Free kicks practice-Corner kick practice-Against the wall practice-Free style-Ball spin-Supports time slow down to make a good shot-Supports Multiplayer LAN and Internet up to 5 vs 5.-K1, K2 Kicks the balls where your looking at-Two Stadiums -Experimental Xbox 360 Controller Support via USBXbox 360 via USB Controller LayoutA = Dribble ButtonX = Medium Kick (in Camera DirectionY or RIGHT BUTTON High Power Kick (in Camera DirectionB = PASS ( Ai Pass's to player)START = Change CameraLEFT Button = Slow TimeUP PAD = Change PlayerBACK = RETURN TO MENURIGHT HAT = Camera ControlLEFT HAT = Player MovementTo setup the WAN/LAN server. 1. Turn on Wifi (make sure it connects to a Router/Modem2. Click on LAN GAME3. Click on START SERVER4. Click Connect ( once or Twice ) Your now connected to the server as Player and Also your the Server. To connect to the server (lets say your the second player)1. Turn on Wifi (make sure it connects to the same Router/Modem of the server. 2. Click on LAN GAME3. Click on CONNECT a few times. (Now connected to the game)-

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